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Once a long ago in old times everywhere on earth there were magic circles, or rings in which supernatural creatures - kind and heroic, vagrant and domesticated, merry and lonely, tiny, falling asleep to rest in the cups of flowers, sang and danced night long. Their clothings were from moss or foliage - and even from agglutinate with dew spider webs. These creations were so light, that not a single leaf, not a single floweret, moved under their feet. And if it happened someone to enter into their circle, he could stand, listening wonderful music and forgetting about time, by years. Under this tune even stones and trees are dancing. None of all dances which led somebody to see could compare on beauty and lightness with flittering of these creatures. It is talked that somewhere there is a magic island in an ocean, where they transmigrated. There nobody disturbs them, they feed on with fruits, always smile, sing songs and never get old. Getting on a magic island, it is possible to grow into the same supernatural creatures. This possibility falls out one time per 365 days, but nobody knows the road there. On this island among the gardens always in bloom there are the same mystic circles for dances and merriment. We found a road there! Welcome on a fairy-tale island

Misterika Family with support
Northernpsylight Records (Norway) , Forest Wizards Records (Macedonia) ,Сlocktail Monks (Ukraine), Spirit Medicine promo (Ukraine), Y.K.I.L. (Ukraine),Space Baby Records (Ukraine), Euphoria promo (Ukr)

24.07.09 – 30.07.09
Crimea Mountains - Ukraine
*** Misterika***Festival (part 2) Summer Session

At the festival is planned
Main dancefloor
Chill Out
Alternative Stage
Indigo Child Room
Krishna Kitchen
Art Shops
Info center
Car Parking



GOASIA (Serbia)
OPSY (Serbia)
Loopus in fabula ***(Italy)

Braincell / Rastaliens (Switzerland) ***
Solar Spectrum (Switzerland) ***
Talpa (Serbia)
OmegaHertz (Greece) ***
Imaginary Sight (Macedonia) ***
Yudhisthira (Macedonia)
Shiva3 (Crimea)
Genepool (Ireland)
Zymosis / MagmaDivers / Alienapia (Ukr)
Agneton(Belgium )
Dosage (Macedonia)
Haltya (Finland)
Highpersonic Whomen(Finland)
Dirty Hippy (United Kingdom)
Kalumet (Hungary)
Asoma (Bulgaria) ***
Zirrex (Rus)
Psychedelic Quest (Grecee)
Balagan / Frog Prog(Crimea)
Spirit Medicine(Lviv)
Mental Reason (Ukraine)
Somatix (Ryazan)
Yhtiot (Rus) ***
RAPAPAM (Moscow)
Harax (Ukr)
Kalumet in Dub(Hungary)
Jahba (Rus)
Maharishi (Bulgaria) ***
Kyoto (Samara)
Salto (Rus)
Seddler (Ukr)
Spayo Ventax (Belgium;Ukraine)
Среди Айсбергов (Ryazan)

*** - await confirmation

For the all days of the Festival (7 days)
10.05.09 - 20.05.09 30 euro
21.05.09 - 20.06.09 35 euro
21.06.09 - 20.07.09 40 euro
For 24 - 26.07.09 (3 days)
20.04.09 - 20.05.09 25 euro
21.05.09 - 20.06.09 30 euro
21.06.09 - 20.07.09 35 euro
In the dates of the festival
For the all days of the Festival (7 days) 60 euro
One night 25 euro without flyer
20 euro with flyer

Full details and a list of coordinators can be found at the site of the festival Misterika

On questions of cooperation:
Hot Line Festival:
icq 322863239
call: +380972869116 Andrey
+380676310242 Olya
skype name - misterikafestival
Email: misterikafestival@gmail.com
Jello Biafra
Есть несколько имен очень любимых smile.gif
солар филдс только знаю, и то - недавно совсем
это все трансец?

Jello Biafra
Loopus in fabula и Haltya еще из динозавров

И много новых имен. новых эээ... двух-трехлетней давности ха-ха smile.gif

жратва ага кришна smile.gif
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